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Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. has an advanced technology for home generators and solar panels replacement. This new technology requires No gasoline, No solar and No batteries to operate, no fuel of any kind. All the power is generated internal. Our parent company also has worked with the Department of Energy, NASA, Los Alamos National Lab, the military and their related Universities on other projects. The power generation technology is 'patented' by Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. The technology we have developed is called the "Pulsing Magnetic Vortex". The company has been working on this for a few years and now we are really to complete the final phase and get UL approval before going to the marketplace which is worldwide. Developing the Magnetic Power Generator the homeowner would not depend on the power grid as most people do.

Also, on another note this technology can be used for Crypto-currency mining. Saving miners 100 percent on their electric bills and reduce the cost of mining worldwide, this would bring Bitcoin to a higher price in the marketplace.


The technology can also be downsized to a portable unit for emergency use when power is out or for camping and outdoor events. Our first unit for the public will have 3 outlets plus a phone changer and a computer USB port, again No Fuel is required for the unit to operate, all the power is generated internal. Great to have in the home for blackouts or after a hurricane in which power is needed.

Picture illustrated above far right is what our first unit will look like. Unit will operate until you physically turn it off. The unit can operate 24/7 after its turned on.

In the world where all resources are exhausting and an energy crisis is looming worldwide, there is dire need of utilizing alternative and renewable sources of energy. Apart from water, solar and wind energies, a relatively new and powerful energy being tapped these days is magnetic energy. A magnet that attracts iron and some other specific metals creates an energy field in which magnetic force can be felt. This is the field that contains magnetic energy. The units can produce 2,500 watts up to 20,000 watts of power, depending on what is needed at the time.

Magnetic energy, if harnessed properly, is actually a combination of all the energies involved. Due to being closely associated with electric energy, it is also known as electromagnetic energy. The changing magnetic field produces electric current and this particular property has made it ideal for creating free electric power. The unit uses no outside resources to generate the power, all the power is generated within the unit. The free energy power produced can be used to meet your daily power needs at home or other places were power is needed, thereby cutting down your electric bills.

Electro Magnetic Energy not only saves you money but is also a very safe alternative to be used at home. It does not exude any by-product like harmful emissions or heat. It is safe for the environment as well. Moreover, with no dependency on any other resources, it is easy to operate and manage. You start the generator and it works until you stop it manually with the off switch. You do not have to keep on supplying fuel to the unit, runs on its own. There have been many discussions about using the already known renewable sources like solar power or wind power, but none is capable of producing such an enormous amount of free electrical energy as this unit does. Magnetic power is highly efficient on all fronts, from cost, maintenance to operation and output.

*** Investment Opportunity - Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. is in the process of raising funds to develop and complete the Underwriters Laboratories UL approval and certification for manufacturing and commercialization. Under current SEC guidelines, only accredited investors can access this investment opportunity. If you are an accredited investor and want to get involved in this most exciting technology, which can transform how we power our homes and for commercial use in the 21st century, call the company for more information at 561-707-1633 or email to

The video above is a Proof of Principle Model that shows the technology is sound and valid. This is a Model Prototype, this is an example of magnets being used to create energy.

Basic video showing how you can use magnetics to charge your cell phone. Our company has taken this to the next level of producing more wattage for larger applications like a refrigerator, TV, fans, lights and more.


Photo is a prototype of a Magnetic Generator, here is a cut-away of part of that generator. The unit that we are submitting to UL for approval is more advanced than this photo, this is an example to show the inside operations.

Another video showing magnetics used to produce electricity. Free energy at its best and No batteries required. Our company can provide a portable unit for camping and for indoor use when power is needed.

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