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About Us


Cool Sound Industries & the Founder


Cool Sound Industries was established as a commercial platform to bring together the various technical disciplines required to successfully develop residential and commercial air conditioning applications. Frank Wighard, the company's founder, has over 35 years of experience in the design, installation and service of environmental control equipment (air conditioning systems). In the late '90s Mr. Wighard recognized the potential benefits of thermoacoustics for air conditioning systems and initiated his investigation by collaborating with the academic and research community studying this phenomena. In 1996, Mr. Wighard filed an initial patent on a double driver configuration that adapts thermoacoustic heat transfer process to air conditioning applications. He has since proposed numerous improvements to his basic design, although formal public disclosure has been tactically withheld. His early involvement and consulting activities have resulted in valuable business relationships that will benefit the launch and future success of the company. For a complete bio of the science team and management contact the company at 561-707-1633.

Why Cool Sound Industries, Inc ?


It's about Timing


The timing and opportunity to develop and commercialize thermoacoustic based systems, given the relative obscurity of thermoacoustic technology, its benign environmental impact, mechanical simplicity, extended maintenance-free operation and potential for consumer driven technological adoption is now!


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